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Australia is a stable, democratic society with a skilled workforce and has recorded 17 consecutive years of economic growth since 1992. This sustained growth places Australia in the top ranks of developed countries,...

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Obviously one of the first things you will be doing when you arrive in Australia, if not before hand, is seeking a position that suits your skills and experience provided your visa allows you to do so. 

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Living Costs
The Cost of Living varies throughout Australia, depending on which state you live in and whether you are in a capital city or regional area.

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To rent of buy a house/flat, you can find out what is available through advertisements in newspapers, on the internet or through real estate agents.

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The standard of Education in Australia is particularly high. In recent years, Australian education has set the benchmark for other countries in a number of areas, which include Curriculum and Assessment.

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The Australian government provides help with medical expenses and hospital care through a scheme called Medicare. The government also subsidises the cost of most medicine under the PBS.

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Income Tax
One of the first things you will need to do when you arrive in Australia is Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN). You will need this to receive an income. 

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Financial Institutions
In Australia, most income including salary or wages and government benefits are paid directly into a bank account.

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Most migrants to Australia will have personal possessions that they will want to take with them. You may be considering bringing only a few boxes of personal items, or all of your household possessions.

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